Zodream Group is a company in the childcare industry, owning a variety of specialized brands. This company enjoys a significant international presence, with its products distributed in many countries around the world.
To ensure efficient management of its regional operations, Zodream Group has strategically established offices in Canada to cover the North American market, and in France to manage the European market. This organizational structure allows Zodream Group to tailor its products and services to the specific needs of each region while maintaining a strong global presence in the childcare industry.

60 countries

5 warehouses

5000 points of sales



Commitment is a key value at Zodream, focused on providing high-quality solutions and consistently satisfying customers. This involves a continuous improvement of products and services to meet and anticipate their needs, thus reflecting their dedication to maintaining high standards in all their actions.


Focuses on sustainability and reducing environmental impact, by improving products and packaging to lessen their ecological footprint and collaborating with environmental organizations, thereby affirming their ongoing commitment to protecting the planet in every aspect of their business.


Firmly commits to its community and customers, emphasizing the provision of quality products that meet specific standards, thus reflecting its dedication to social responsibility and customer satisfaction.


Innovation is the driving force of our growth. We encourage innovation in the development of our products and services, as well as in the creation of new ideas and/or the constant improvement of our products.


We believe in a work environment where good humor and fun are essential. By cultivating a positive atmosphere, we foster creativity, collaboration, and personal development of each team member.


One Drop focuses on providing sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions to communities in need, using innovative partnerships and the power of art. Their work is driven by a commitment to climate action and core values of respect, integrity, and collaboration.                     

Ezimoov partners with The Coral Planters to provide financial support for coral reef regeneration and raise public awareness about the importance of preserving our marine ecosystem. This collaboration is driven by shared values and a mutual desire to protect the environment for future generations.